NBC Olympics Ratings Success Makes Les Moonves Smile

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August 17th, 2008

From the New York Times:

He  [Zucker] also argued that the success of the Games showed the future of network television might not be quite as dismal as had been forecast. "It's a great story for network television," he said. "This proves the pipes still work." He added, "When you have an event that transcends popular culture, the only place you can aggregate these audiences is network television."

Not surprisingly, some competitors agree. Leslie Moonves, the chief executive of CBS, who sent a note of congratulation to Mr. Zucker last week, said in a telephone interview, "Anybody who doubts the viability of network television after this is nuts."  From:  A Surprise Winner at the Olympic Games in Beijing: NBC.

OMG! Moonves and Zucker, BFF!  All of the broadcast networks are thrilled to see this (well, maybe not The CW, but still).  This might shock you, but I agree with Moonves one hundred percent.  There are a lot of people who are nuts, and some of them even read this blog.  Others still are friends and people I respect who write me stuff like "WTF!? Why are you focusing on TV!? It's a dying medium!"  Perhaps I just like to chronicle long, slow deaths, but when it comes to reaching a mass audience there is still nothing like it.  Nothing.  Period.

It's a good article and worth the read.  One thing was missing from it  and that was speculation on a stale economy and high gas prices along with "the mystery of China" and Michael Phelps creating the perfect storm for NBC.  Perhaps, and to the NYT's credit, I suppose it doesn't like to speculate in newspaper articles.  But this is a blog and we have no problem with such speculation.  Sure gas prices are down some, but they're still very high.  It couldn't have hurt the peacocks. 

Will it translate to higher season premiere ratings for the peacocks come the Fall?   We can't wait to find out.

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