Olympic Viewing Down Slightly Among Teens

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August 20th, 2008

While the news has all been good so far for the peacocks at NBC, John Rash of Advertisin Age reports that overall viewing is down slightly among teens.  Writes Rash:

"...the kids are all right, at least by modern media standards: Through the first 11 days of the games, viewing by kids 2-11 is about equal with the first 11 days of the 2004 Athens games, and down a slight 4% for teens. Considering the technological transformations the MySpace generation has seen over just four short years, these are impressive numbers, and indicate that many kids have caught Olympic fever from their parents, whose viewing is up even more.

But in a surprising twist, the twists and turns of gymnastics, which in 2004 gave teenage girls 16% higher ratings (and their younger 2-11 sisters a 20% lift), haven't been as much a magnet this year for girls. Indeed, the trend has been reversed, as boys 2-11 are up 12% from Athens and teenage boys have jumped 10%. "

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