Chuck Fans Rejoice: NBC Orders Full Season

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August 27th, 2008

After viewing the first six episodes of the second season of spy Comedy, Chuck, NBC execs ordered the full "back 9" episodes all but ensuring a full 22 week run for the show's second season.

According to TV Week, this is unusual for a sophomore show where generally only 13 episodes get ordered early, and all the more impressive since an original airing of Chuck has not aired since January.

In a month or so, 8pm will be Josh Schwartz's hour.  The Schwartz produced Chuck will face off directly against the Schwartz produced...say it with me, Gossip Girl.   I give the advantage to Chuck in that race, though both will ultimately face off against The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and Dancing With the Stars on ABC.

While the Schwartz vs. Schwartz "Gossip Girl vs. Chuck" makes an interesting story, the direct competition for Chuck should be our friends Summer Glau, Lena Headey and company on Fox with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles though there is probably plenty of crossover audience for Chuck with The Big Bang Theory as well.  

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