Gossip Girl Premiere: Time To Put Up or Shut Up

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August 31st, 2008

OMFG! After a season when Gossip Girl's hype usually outshone its ratings Monday's 2008-9 premiere is finally a chance to put up (good ratings) or shut up (with the overblown PR).

Last season Gossip Girl was bested in the ratings by several far less hyped shows including Secret Life of an American Teenager, and The Hills several times. To boost its sagging ratings, the CW tried stopping internet streaming, but when that didn't seem to help, they turned it back on.

At times last season it seemed like the TV critics had been taken in so completely by the Gossip Girl hype machine that it made Robert a bit ill.

Through all the bad ratings news for the show last year we continued to hear from a worldwide cadre of GG fans about how they couldn't live without their favorite show, but the numbers just didn't add up. Its CW stablemate Reaper performed better in the 18-49 demo, yet was "on the bubble" until the last minute at renewal time. The poorer performing Gossip Girl seemed invulnerable to ratings logic.

Perhaps a new season will change all that. Either Gossip Girl ratings will finally live up to the hype or the hype machine will collapse under the reality of the ratings situation. The results might in part determine the fate Dawn Ostroff.

Now's your chance to make a guess as to Gossip Girl's viewership results for it's premiere Monday night. Feel free to answer the poll, make a comment or both.

Here are some numbers (all Live+SD) that might be useful for your guess:

2007-8's Season Premiere Viewership was (update) 3.504 million. The 2.49 million I incorrectly listed initially was for the 2nd week's episode.

2007-8's Final New Episode Viewership was 2.997 million.

2007-8's Average Viewership (including in-slot repeats) through May 25, 2008 was 2.193 million.

My guess is 2.4 million viewers. Gossip Girl doesn't have a full slate of competition, but September 1 might turn out to be a tough night for any show. Also, the CW has done so dreadfully this summer, I think they faced a difficult promotion run up to the season.

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