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September 3rd, 2008

Update 2: Here is the half hourly detail based on the fast nationals:

Update: The Fast National numbers are rolling in, and according to TV Week it averaged 4.9 million (well under the over/under of 5.5 million -- Mr. Gorman wins the "pride" prize for today, I hang my head in shame!). 90210 captured a 4.3/12 rating among women 18-34, 34% above Gossip Girl. The CW also finished #1 in adults 18-49 according to the TV Week story. Hat tip to Sergio Ibarra at TV Week for the heads up. We are just seeing some of the data ourselves. The show averaged 4.906 million on a household rating/share of 3.5/5. Overall in the 18-49 demo CW average a a 2.7/7 - ahead of FOX and NBC which both had a 2.4/6 among 18-49 year olds. CW easily won the 18-34 demo (among both males and females) with a 3.1/9. The nearest competitor was Univision with a 2.2/6.

Time Net Show Viewers (Millons) 18-49 Rating/Share 18-34 Rating/Share
    90210 Half Hour Detail      
8:00 CW 90210 4.54 2.5/8 2.8/9
8:30 CW   4.88 2.7/7 3.2/10
9:00 CW   5.14 2.7/7 3.2/9
9:30 CW   5.06 2.7/7 3.1/8

You can see the full night's details (all shows) hour by hour here.

James Hibberd reports this is CW's highest rated scripted series premiere ever.


Bill will have the full night's details up soon. America's Got Talent was easily the most watched show, and during the 8p-10p period beat 90210 among 18-49 year olds (convention coverage at 10pm then dragged down NBC's demo average).

Well, looking at the early metered-market ratings is often folly as it was yesterday in the case of Gossip Girl. But I'll do it anyway because it kills the hour or two between the "fast nationals" which provide a better picture as well as viewer numbers and demo numbers.

Marc Berman is reporting the CW Network's premiere of 90210 scored a 3.9/6 (household rating/share) in the early metered market ratings (excluding New Orleans). That's certainly significantly better than Gossip Girl (in total, not necessarily any of the demographics) if it holds up. If it holds up, that projects out to about 4.5 million households. Remember, all shows average more than one viewer per household, and how many people are watching per screen can't be discerned from household ratings projections.

Informally, Bill and I had a little over/under wager -- nothing on the line this time but pride. The bar was set at 5.5 million viewers. I took the over, Bill took the under. If the 3.9 household rating holds up, a little over 1.2 people per screen need to be watching. Gossip Girl (on a household rating/share of 2.3/4) wound up with 3.379 in the fast nationals, about 1.28 viewers per household. If 90210's 3.9 holds up and it's people per screen were as high, it will clear 5.5 million viewers. It may even have a shot at 6 million viewers.

Lots of "ifs". We'll know for sure soon enough, but based on the early data, 90210 looks to be about where I thought it would be. Providing it does well in the target demos, specifically the 18-34 female demo (which we will probably not see unless CW issues a press release) I imagine CW will be please. One nice piece of news for CW if the metered markets is that although it had fewer viewers the second hour than the first hour, it only lost 7% in the second hour according to Marc Berman.

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