Nikki Finke Writes on Troubles With Fall Network Schedules

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September 13th, 2008

I'm mostly posting this particular quote-age for "Julia's" benefit, but none of the networks are immune according to Ms. Finke...

Here's why I know networks are preparing for the worst: because bosses like Les Moonves and Jeff Zucker keep telling business reporters that their companies are "so much more" than just primetime. As for CBS' prospects, their sked looks better than NBC's but far from great. CBS thinks I'm selling their fall line-up "a little short. The comedy Worst Week is easily the most critically acclaimed new comedy of the season; the Simon Baker drama The Mentalist, is getting good advance notices; and test audiences have been excited about Jerry Bruckheimer's new drama Eleventh Hour, which the press will see for the first time next week." Nice spin, but I still think the network entertainment team there is past its expiration date.

At troubled stepsister The CW, other media inexplicably haven't fussed over the dramatic falloff of 90210's follow-up to its Tori Spelling-less opener -- but I will. When 90210 can't beat in its 2nd original airing what the old WB's Gilmore Girls got in its reruns, it's time for Moonves to fire UPN-turned-CW boss Dawn Ostroff.

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