New and Returning Shows You'll Have To Wait a While to See

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September 14th, 2008

Aaron Barnhart has a nice roundup of both returning and new shows that will appear "mid-season". According to Jim Will be back! To quote Carl Sagan, "How can it be so?" Yeah, yeah, I know, syndication revenue, but still... Here's a blurb from Aaron:

Many shows are expected to arrive at midseason early in 2009, owing to delays often attributed to the 14-week-long writers strike (and the networks slow reaction to same).

"24" will return with a self-contained two-hour movie, "24: Redemption," Nov. 23, which will set up the seventh season of the Jack Bauer chase-a-thon. (Notice anything odd about Jack's appearance in this publicity shot?)

"According to Jim" (ABC). It's returning. Thats all I have to say.

"Friday Night Lights" (NBC). DirecTV will have exclusive rights to season three Season 3 on its 101 Network this fall. The episodes will then air midseason on NBC. Sounds unfair, but it beats cancellation.

"Lost" (ABC). Isnt it nice to know where this show is going, kind of, while waiting for the next batch of episodes?

"Medium" (NBC). Allison (Patricia Arquette) teams up again with Manuel (Miguel Sandoval) to solve crimes using her psychic powers. Reaper (the CW): Last year, this was my pick as the best new show, but the bloom was off quickly. Happily, the CW is giving Touched by the Devil another go.

Read the rest on TV Barn.

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