Large Out Of Home Audience For ESPN's Monday Night Football

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September 17th, 2008

Results from Nielsen's Out of Home Report Prove Large Incremental Audience for ESPN's Monday Night Football

OOH Measurement Adds 831,000 Incremental Viewers To 
Minnesota-Green Bay Telecast on Sept. 8

Bristol, Conn. – As reported last week, ESPN’s Monday Night Football NFL doubleheader on Sept. 8 delivered cable’s two biggest audiences of the year up to that date (the Sept. 15 Philadelphia-Dallas game has since eclipsed it).  Additional data from Nielsen’s recently launched out-of-home (OOH) report has shown sizable gains to those Sept. 8 audiences when adding persons 13-54 watching in offices, fitness clubs, hotels, bars, college campuses and other locations.  In fact, among P13-54, ESPN’sMonday Night Football games saw the highest and third-highest OOH lift of all programs on Sept. 8.  The chart below outlines specific gains for both games:


In Home Viewers P12-54

OOH P13-54



MNF – Minnesota vs. Green Bay





MNF – Denver vs. Oakland





MNF -- Average





NOTE: in-home data are Live+Same Day and the OOH data are Live+4 hours

“We have always known that Monday is unique in its ability to deliver incremental audiences,” said Glenn Enoch, vice president of integrated media research at ESPN.  “Viewing in hotels, on campuses, in bars and restaurants has always been a critical part of ESPN’s delivery.  These data are going to lead to additional learnings about audience behavior that will ultimately help us better serve our fans and advertisers.”

As reported last week, the Green Bay Packers’ 24-19 victory over the Minnesota Vikings (7 p.m. ET), earned a 9.3 rating, representing an average of 9,051,000 households (12,501,000 viewers – P2+), the largest audience for any program on cable television in 2008.  At 10:30 p.m., the Denver Broncos’ 41-14 win over the Oakland Raiders received a 7.3 rating with an average of 7,153,000 households watching (9,665,000 viewers), the second-largest audience for any program on cable television in 2008. 

Source: Nielsen Out of Home Report, a service of Nielsen and IMMI.  Date Sept. 8, 2008.

From an ESPN Press Release.

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