Continued problems with the the site -- we're still sorry...

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September 21st, 2008

Although we have upgraded our server and web hosting plan, we continue to experience a variety of annoying problems, particularly error 403 "forbidden access" messages. I have been working with our web host to resolve these problems, but it has been a particularly frustrating experience. If we haven't gotten everything resolved by Wednesday, we will switch to a new web host. This approach will bring additional IP address changes and a couple of more days where people have trouble accessing the site due to DNS changes -- but we need the site to be up and running regularly, and will switch providers if necessary.

We're disappointed that this hasn't been resolved yet, and we're very sorry for the continued inconvenience.

Update 2:15p PDT: everything seems to be working properly. We will at least temporarily continue to knock on wood and cross our fingers. Additionally we will avoid walking under ladders and black cats.

Update: 3:00p -- we're still having some problems with images not rendering on our home page and are investigating.  Everything else seems to be functioning normally...

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