James Hibberd vs. The Fall TV Ads

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September 24th, 2008

As previously noted, I'm a big fan of The Hollywood Reporters' James Hibberd. Both Bill and I find him to be one of the smartest people looking at the TV business. He's younger, smarter, better looking which is humbling. On top of all that I envy his great writing skills. But one thing I don't envy is Hibberd's Hollywood lifestyle as living in L.A. means sitting in a lot of traffic. But James put this time to good use and began analyzing the billboards promoting the new fall shows, and it inspired him to critique them all, which he has done here.

From Gossip Girl to Dexter, he grades them on an A to F report card scale. I checked it out last night and it was fun clicking through all the ads and reading his critique. And reminded me that I'm very much looking forward to the return of Dexter and Californication on Sunday.

Part of my fondness is likely due to how gracious he was with me during our original encounter. I wrote a post attributing something to James that he did not actually say. And then I suggested what he said (even though he didn't really say it) wasn't the smartest thing to say. Obviously once I realized my error corrected it and apologized. But rather than rub the egg all over my face, he was instead extremely cordial. He has been very helpful whenever we've posed questions about the industry. He's been good to us, so please check him out.

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