Nielsen Examines TV Viewers to the Political Conventions, September 2008

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September 25th, 2008

An interesting report was released by  Nielsen analyzing some of the viewership trends for the Republican and Democratic conventions. Here are a few highlights:

• Nearly two thirds of all U.S. households (64.5% or 73.2 million homes) tuned into at least one of the 2008 political conventions (Graph 1). This equates to 120.1 million people ages 2+ watching a convention. Viewership levels for the two conventions were essentially tied, with about half of all households watching each one.

• 15.0% of all households tuned to just the RNC, and 15.7% tuned to just the DNC. Another 33.9% of all households tuned to both conventions.

• Homes that watched both conventions were more likely to be headed by someone 65 years or older. They also completed the most formal education: nearly one-third (32.3%) graduated from college. Those watching only one convention were fairly comparable on both education and HOH age, within a point or two.

• Homes that only tuned to the RNC were more likely to have higher incomes ($100K+), to have a larger household size (4+), to be white, to own a DVR, and to have a head of household with
higher education (4+ yrs college) and aged 35-54.

• Homes that only tuned in to the DNC were more likely to have a lower income (<20K), to have a smaller household size (2), to be African American, and to have a head of household who is
younger (<35) and who has less education (1-3 Yrs College).

• About one-fifth (21.2%) of the DNC-only homes were headed by an African American. 83.5% of the RNC-only homes were headed by someone who is white.

• Over 70% of African American homes tuned to at least one of the conventions, including 35.7% that tuned into both, more than each of the other ethnic breaks. Meanwhile 27.4% tuned in only to the DNC and 8.1% tuned in only to the RNC.

• White homes had the second highest reach to both conventions (34.5%), and were the only
ethnic break to have a higher percentage of partisan tuning to the RNC (16.2%) than the DNC

You can download the entire report here.

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