Dire Straits for the CW?

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October 1st, 2008

Note to the CW: I'm *not* picking on you.  I promise.  I believe your plan to target young women Mondays through Wednesdays is going as well or better than expected on two out of the three nights.  Unfortunately Tuesday night is not looking so good and there's no way to sugar coat that.  But what prompted me to write this  was a story in Variety talking about how the CW is readying a series based on Batman's partner Robin's pre batmobile lifestyle.  It was this snippet that sounded the alarms: 

CW insiders said they also see the "Graysons" development as a validating gesture by Warner Bros. that the company is still behind its 50% investment in the netlet, particularly following this fall's strong openings for "Gossip Girl" and newbie "90210." They believe the studio wouldn't risk bringing one of its prized franchises to CW if it believed the net was in dire straits.

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Obviously the guy at Variety hasn't looked at 90210's ratings since the second episode, but I'm not going to carp about that.  My question is this: if things aren't at least a little dire, and the folks at Warner Bros aren't giving the network grief and are happy about the way things are going, why would insiders from the CW even bring this up at all?

Because of the spin from CW insiders, it actually seems more likely to me than ever that Warner Bros. is less than thrilled with the way things are going at the CW.

On the plus side I know there are a lot of people who would be very happy to see a show like The Grayson's on the CW. The notion that the CW is considering this also fortifies my belief that the targeting of young females is a Monday through Wednesday proposition only, which seemingly makes it even more important to fix Tuesdays in a hurry...

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