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October 9th, 2008

I read a lot of TV network press releases (so you don't have to!). What continues to strike me are the number of obvious, meaningless filler phrases stuck into them to attempt to increase the perceived level of achievement for their shows.


"FACING FIRST-RUN SERIES," This in the third week of the season. Of course you're going to be facing first-sun series.

"won its intensely competitive hour" Which then are the "poorly competitive, layup hours"?

"against tough competition" "despite the tough competition" Pray tell, which of the competition isn't so tough? Press releases never mention them.

I thought hey, I can do that too...

"With most viewers able to quickly change channels by remote control, Show X delivers outstanding 18-49 demo performance!"

"With reading a book always an attractive option, Show Y increased its audience by 12 percent!"

And on a seasonal note, "While those damn trick or treaters were ringing the doorbell every 2 minutes, Show Z had it's best audience of the season!"

Think you're up for it? Go for it in the comments ;)

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