Boston Red Sox Force Game 7: Good News for TBS, Perhaps Great News for Fox

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October 18th, 2008

The Boston Red Sox are again back from the brink, tying the series at 3 games each.  Winning game six by a score of 4-2, the Red Sox force the best thing in baseball, and all of sports: game seven.  Boston is now a perfect 9-0 in playoff elimination games (edit: in best of seven series) under Terry Francona's management.  Wow. 10-0 will get them back to the World Series.

The game got off to an auspicious beginning with TBS suffering technical difficulties in Atlanta forcing them to air instead the Dick Clark bloopers show for a portion of the pregame show and then The Steve Harvey Show at the beginning of the game.  Fortunately the troubles lasted only for the first inning, by which time the Red Sox were already down one run, but shame on TBS for being very late running the crawlers about the technical difficulties. If not for the Internet, and reading about the problems I might have just assumed I was in some kind of Comcast purgatory due to bad karma. 

Then adding insult to injury (literally) the home plate umpire got hurt, causing a 15 minute or so delay as he went off to the hospital and they figured out how to switch things around and made do with the existing crew.  In the end, the Red Sox won , forcing a game seven tomorrow night.

This should be especially indicative of the difference of an ALCS (American League Championship Series) game 7 on cable channel (that is not ESPN) vs. broadcast.  Last year's game seven on between the Red Sox and Cleveland garnered 19.15 million. 

The Boston Red Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays  won't likely get ten million on TBS (though I hope I'm wrong). I don't want to hear anything about Sunday Night Football blah, blah, blah because last year game seven vs. Cleveland went against Sunday Night Football and got 19.15 million versus Sunday Night Football's 13.29 million (Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Denver Broncos), but I will be interested to see if on TBS game 7 can break even 11 million - though even at 9 million, with a game they surely are happy to have, and with much better results than last year, TBS will be happy.

And though I am in not a Red Sox fan, I have to admire them continually staving off the brink in the 2000s, and Fenway Park is such an awesome venue.   But, the truth is,  for my viewing pleasure there's not much better than a game seven, especially in October.

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