Sarah Palin on NBC's Saturday Night Live: Video

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October 18th, 2008

Sarah Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live tonight, delivering the signature "Live from New York..." line.

I know Oprah backed Barack Obama, but some part of her should be worried that if Obama wins (which seems increasingly likely) Sarah Palin will be available to have her own talk show and ratings-wise, she'll kick Oprah's ass.

Oh sure, she's dinosaurs roamed the Earth with man six thousand years ago bonkers, bat sh*t crazy, but...she's a star. And such a TV ratings star, that in the event McCain loses, there's no way you've seen the last of her on TV.

I worried that once we were seeing her at Tina Fey and her at the same time the resembelance wouldn't seem so uncanny, but it still totally did. As a bonus in addition to Palin and Fey, you get a cameo from Mark "Marky Mark" Wahlberg, Lorne Michaels dissing the ratings of 30 Rock, and Alec Baldwin. They all were great. We look forward to seeing the ratings, which will no doubt be outstanding, and then drop like a stone.

You can watch Palin's appearance in the two clips below:

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