Cursory Scan of Tuesday's Early Metered Market Numbers

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October 22nd, 2008

We're not exactly swearing off the early metered market numbers forever, but until we are up and running on a new dedicated server (likely to occur sometime over the next week, hopefully perfectly timed for the weekend, but sometimes HOPE is just a four letter word...) I'm at least putting aside any in-depth analysis. We'll save that for the fast affiliate viewer and demo numbers. The cursory scan of the metered markets seems like things were almost identical to where they were last week. NCIS and The Mentalist still strong.

House was down still a little bit more (but a slam dunk to dominate the demos) and Fringe had exactly the same early metered market numbers as last week (5.9 household rating). At this point, while Fringe doesn't seem a huge "breakout hit", it's relative performance in the demo has been very strong, and it seems to be maintaining its base of viewers. I had a pretty bad head cold and went to bed early and have yet to watch last night's Fringe.

ABC did much better with a DWTS recap show at 8pm than the cancelled Opportunity Knocks (they tempted fate with that show name, huh?)

NBC also was extremely consistent with last week's numbers with The Biggest Loser and Law & Order: SVU. CW ran with repeats of 90210 and Privileged.  My bad, Privileged was new, not a repeat...

If you can't wait, you can check out the full metered market numbers via Marc Berman.

Metered Market Overnight Ratings: This is normally the first available ratings information, and is based on the electronic measurement service that Nielsen provides in 56 of the nation’s largest markets. In each market a sample of homes is selected to represent that individual market. Often, networks or syndicators provide metered market information as an early indicator of a program’s performance. In aggregate, the 56 metered markets represent 79,890,610 homes, or 70% of all U.S. TV households. Preliminary metered market data are available as early as 8:00AM (ET). Final metered market information, reflecting line-up changes, pre-emptions and runovers, are normally available by 3:30PM (ET).

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