HockeyTown USA: Washington, DC -- My Hometown!

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October 22nd, 2008

Ok, so it's not Detroit, or Pittsburgh, or even Philadelphia, or probably St. Louis, or anywhere in Canada, but in the local DC market, early in the 2008-2009 NHL campaign, the Washington Capitals are pulling better numbers than DC's Major League Baseball team, the Washington Nationals according to this story in the DC Examiner.

Not surprisingly, my Redskins still HAIL supreme in our Nation's Capital, but it's good to see the Caps doing so well. I'm not going to lie, Ted Leonsis, who owns the Capitals is definitely my favorite mogul, in addition to being one of the best owners in all of sports as far as I'm concerned. On top of that, he's just a very good man who's never been anything but extremely decent to me (and I appreciate it).

While I am kind of ashamed of the Nationals (and shame on you MLB, for making the Nats the league's dumping ground for bad free agent deals for a couple of years and putting a dead skunk on the purchasers of the team) I am proud of my boy Ted, his organization and the way they are building the Washington Capitals franchise.

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