Hollywood Set to Court Sarah Palin

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October 24th, 2008

I saw this coming a million miles away. The Hollywood Reporter writes that Hollywood is already looking to capitalize on veep candidate Sarah Palin's fame and pure star and Nielsen ratings power. Who can blame them? Last Saturday's Saturday Night Live drew 15 million viewers!

"Any television person who sees the numbers when she appears on anything would say Sarah Palin would be great," said veteran morning-show producer Steve Friedman, citing the double-digit ratings gains her appearances on "Saturday Night Live" and "CBS Evening News" generated. "The passion she has on each side, love and hate, makes television people say, 'Wow, imagine the viewership.' "

My dream of Sarah vs. Oprah inches closer to reality:

Most industry insiders believe a talk show is the probable route for Palin. Although daytime syndication can be tough sledding, it would take a personality of her stature to break through the clutter, and her folksy red-state persona could be just the thing to connect with this female-skewing audience.

Unless of course McCain wins. It seems the odds on that at this point are about as good as the odds for Tampa Bay getting in the World Series at the beginning of the season, but still...

Fox News is of course another opportunity, and not everyone thinks she will do well on TV. Read the full story via The Hollywood Reporter.

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