Entourage Has Been Picking Up; But Comcast is Sucking

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October 27th, 2008

I *loved* the first couple of seasons of Entourage.   I hung on for season three which was good, but I mostly was so-so on season four.  Season five, however, especially with the last couple of episodes is back on track, at least with me. 

I thought Sunday night's episode was funny as hell.  Jamie Lynn Sigler who played Meadow on  The Sopranos was cast in a cameo as herself (though I am sure she was not quite...herself) and Ari and his storyline were in rare form. 

But boo @Comcast (and/or HBO).  Comcast used to have HBO On-Demand *in high definition*.  That's been gone a while, so I got trained and started recording Entourage on the HD-DVR.   But boo @Comcast anyway.  Californication - where I loved season one, but was so-so after the first couple of episodes of season two was also back on track for me.  Comcast still has Showtime in HD in its On-Demand lineup, but last night's Californication is not there yet (it is available via the regular, non-HD On-Demand).  And last night's Dexter is not yet available at all.  With or without HD it's not yet available On-Demand. 

One thing I loved about On-Demand was that I didn't have to worry about DVRing shows and could still watch them whenever I wanted as long as it was the day after a show aired.  But whenever I wanted was tonight, and they weren't there, so that didn't work out so well. They're now on the DVR, but if Dexter doesn't show up by tomorrow, I'm downloading it off the Internet via Bit Torrent.  Hey, I paid for it, and it's supposed to be available via On-Demand.  What's a guy to do?

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