Can Pushing Daisies Be Saved?

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October 29th, 2008

Well, can it? Not according to the Renew or Cancel Index, barring a remarkable turnaround.

But E!'s Kristin Dos Santos has all the info on attempts at saving the show.

Do I think the show has a chance at being saved? Should it be saved?

Well, I suppose it has a chance, just like there's a chance that the hair on my head would, you know, just magically grow back. Should it be saved? Honestly, with the numbers it has been pulling, ABC should certainly cancel it. It performs horribly among the 18-49 demographic that advertisers salivate over.

I know, I know "look at all the pretty colors." But the colorful cinematography isn't pulling in hordes of viewers. While I understand the show has millions of fans -- at least five million -- so far this year it's averaged only 2.6 million 18-49 year olds, well less than ABC's average even including PD and other 18-49 dogs like Dirty Sexy Money and Eli Stone.  Pushing Daisies has been the worst performer of the lot of them.

Do I think it should be saved? No. Do I think it could be saved? No. Am I quite often wrong?

Oh yeah.

Will Pushing Daisies score massively improved numbers up against a wall of Obama and what turns out to be the final game of the World Series? Probably not, but remember, I'm quite often wrong. Check back tomorrow for our overnight ratings report and see the details for yourself.

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