Congrats to Philadelphia Phillies: Bud Selig and Fox Catch a Break

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October 29th, 2008

OK, so what if it was the lowest rated World Series EVER?

While I would've liked to have seen a seven game series, I'm happy for the Philadelphia Phillies and its fanbase. Monday's game five resumed tonight, and Philadelphia won 4-3, beating the Tampa Bay Rays four games to one in the 2008 World Series.

It wouldn't have bothered me any to see the series go back to Tampa and it seems to me that would've been better for Fox. If it's true that Fox put pressure on MLB to play the game on Monday night even though the conditions were foul, then Fox absolutely deserves what will be, even with the three and a half inning curiosity, the lowest-rated, least-viewed World Series. Of course, even if it would have been sunny and 65 on Monday, the low ratings still would've been the case.

It seems to me that the Monday game should never have been played at all. While I have no love for Bud Selig, I agree with him that a World Series should not be decided in less than nine innings. But, Monday's game should not have ever been played to begin with. But since Philly wins in five games (even if game five took three days to finish) Bud Selig will get no grief from fans, and nor will Fox. If the game had gone back to Tampa, Fox and Bud Selig would've taken massive grief from Phillies fans. Both should be relieved.

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