Early Ratings for Thursday: 30 Rock is Back with a Sarah Palin-Induced Ratings Bang

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October 31st, 2008

Happy Halloween!  Note: an updated full overnight ratings post with viewer numbers and demographic info is available here.

Supernatural was the only thing I watched on TV last night. And I was expecting it to be fluff, Halloween filler, but it surprised me. Not fluff, not filler. It got a 2.5/4 (household rating/share) in the early metered market numbers. That's in the typical range of less than Smallville (3.1/5) but more than Gossip Girl got on Monday in the same early metered markets.

Oh wait, I watched ABC's Life on Mars too. Oops. Mars got a 5.8/9 -- up a little bit in household rating vs. last week's 5.6/10 in the early metered market numbers. Since its share of audience went down that just probably means a few more people overall were watching television last night than the previous week. 5.8 is no great shakes, but it's better than a 5.6, and with so many shows underperforming ABC averages, the show seems very safe to me. Our Renew/Cancel index actually has it listed for renewal next year, but that is somewhat misleading because it pulled very high numbers its first week only to drop the next two airings. This was the similar to last year's Bionic Woman only that kept dropping and at least for now Life on Mars is stabalizing. Since I enjoy the show, that's a bit of good news.

The Office and 30 Rock are on the DVR. 30 Rock actually outdid The Office in these numbers (5.3/8 vs. 5.2/8). The Office will still likely win with 18-49 year olds, but I'm guessing 30 Rock had its best performance in a long while and Marc Berman says that it was up around 20% over its 2007-2008 season average in the overnights. I chalk it up to the Sarah Palin effect.

In the CSI vs. Grey's Anatomy battle, CSI won again, 11.8/18 to 9.9/15 both Grey's and CSI were up from last week's metered market numbers, but Grey's moreso, so I look for it to reclaim its 18-49 year old advantage which CSI wrested from it last week when the fast nationals are out. And it will surely crush it like a little bug among 18-34 year olds. Check back later for the full details.

In the meanwhile you can read the full metered market report on Marc Berman's site.

Metered Market Overnight Ratings: This is normally the first available ratings information, and is based on the electronic measurement service that Nielsen provides in 56 of the nation's largest markets. In each market a sample of homes is selected to represent that individual market. Often, networks or syndicators provide metered market information as an early indicator of a program's performance. In aggregate, the 56 metered markets represent 79,890,610 homes, or 70% of all U.S. TV households. Preliminary metered market data are available as early as 8:00AM (ET). Final metered market information, reflecting line-up changes, pre-emptions and runovers, are normally available by 3:30PM (ET).

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