McCain to Appear on Saturday Night Live, Draw Millions Fewer than Sarah Palin

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October 31st, 2008

Though I haven't seen an official NBC press release yet, the Internet has been buzzing over John McCain being set to appear on tomorrow night's Saturday Night Live. I predict it doesn't do anywhere near the ratings that the real Sarah Palin meeting the Tina Fey version drew a couple of weeks ago. To NBC's good fortune, last week's episode guest hosted by Jon Hamm (Mad Men's Don Draper) retained more of those viewers than I thought.

I give NBC credit for not being slimy. While I typically am averse to slime myself, I'd have had to at least *think* about starting some sort of rumor that ratings juggernaut Sarah Palin might join McCain (and perhaps suggested a Tina Fey sighting). Ben "my movies might stink, but I married Jennifer Garner and you didn't, ha!" Affleck is this week's guest host.

Saturday Night Live has definitely experienced somewhat of a revival due to Fey's Palin, and Palin herself (and this didn't hurt 30 Rock either). I'm 100% certain that McCain's appearance won't do as well as Sarah Palin's and I'm doubtful it will even fare as well as Jon Hamm's appearance last week. We'll see.  But as Bill notes, Palin is "fresh" and McCain is...not.

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