Oprah Endorsement Still Carries a lot of Weight

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November 3rd, 2008

And I'm not talking about Barack Obama either, but rather Oprah pimping out the Amazon Kindle a week ago Friday. I'm ashamed to admit that through a series of (what must have been) inappropriate button pushes after watching ESPN's Pardon the Interruption on the DVR,  I landed on Oprah in mid-gushing about the Kindle and watched Jeff Bezos beaming with delight.

She was going on about it so much I felt compelled to post to FriendFeed for the first time in months and suggested while she wasn't the Nielsen superstar she once was (who is?) Oprah endorsing your gadget was still all good. AdAge.com has some data on this, and it''s undeniable Oprah loving your gadget is definitely all good:

6% - The amount Amazon's visits were up Oct. 24, the day Oprah endorsed Kindle on her show, over the previous Friday, according to Hitwise. Visits on Oct. 25 were up 4% over the week-before period. While Hitwise doesn't report actual site visits, Amazon is a top-20 internet site -- so a 6% bump can translate into hundreds of thousands of visitors.

479% - The bump in search traffic for the word "kindle" the day Oprah threw her support behind the product, according to Google Insights. It went up even more on Saturday. - Read the rest on AdAge.com

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