Pushing Daisies Surely Cancelled, Heroes Safe

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November 4th, 2008

While the Renew/Cancel Index can't predict everything - especially behind the scenes stuff that doesn't have anything to do with the ratings  (which we believe to be the case with King of The Hill, it is sure to be right about the following shows being sliced by mid season: 

  • Pushing Daisies
  • Eli Stone
  • Dirty Sexy Money
  • Lipstick Jungle 

Though Lipstick Jungle has already been damned to the purgatory that is Friday nights on the broadcast nets, it probably has the best chance of survival of any of those shows for one reason: it's on NBC.   I don't think that will be enough to save it. 

Heroes is in turmoil.  Lots and lots of turmoil.  But not Pushing Daisies style soon-to-be-cancelled turmoil!    It's still one of NBC's better performing shows among 18-49 year olds, though last week's premiere of 30 Rock even drew more 18-49 year old viewers, which must frighten the peacocks at NBC.We had one commenter go on and on about how it's the fans fault the show is now screwed up.  That's just plain wacky.  It's very clear to me where to place the blame: NBC.  Here's why:  season one was a hit, but because NBC mucked around with the schedule and had it off the air for months even during season one, the ratings when it came back from hiatus were not as good as they had been beforehand.

NBC crafted what I'm sure it thought was a very creative solution to the problem at the time: do twelve part story arcs that start and end within twelve episodes.  That way, if it's off the air for a couple of months, it will come back with a brand new story arc. 

Guess what?  The creative  talent around Heroes didn't craft the more successful (and much better, in my estimation) season one under those terms.  And having to create under that scheduling seems to have completely screwed the show.   

Here's an idea - go back to making the show a regular old serial, and don't constrain the creative talent by forcing  story arcs that must complete within a twelve episode window.  Let them plan out a  few seasons worth of story, and then let them try to program to that.  

Can you imagine what would've happened with LOST if it had been forced to create the show in the fashion NBC has forced Heroes? 

Despite the freefall from ratings awesomeness, Heroes has a ways to fall before it meets it hits the ground.  Unfortunately for Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money, those shows didn't have as far to fall and are very close to impact.  It's only a matter of time.

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