San Diego Has Highest % of DVR Households, LA Has Most DVRs

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November 5th, 2008

MediaDailyNews is reporting that:

At nearly 40%, the San Diego market has the country's highest percentage of DVR homes--27% of all U.S. households now have the ad-skipping devices. The data from Nielsen also shows that 29 markets have DVR penetration rates topping 30%. 


Among San Diego's 1.1 million homes, 38% have the ad-skipping devices. That's just above the 37% in Austin, Dallas and Orlando. Nationally, as of this month, there are 31 million DVR homes--up 12% since July.

It is interesting to note that San Diego has the highest household DVR penetration rate, and the article mentions that rates across Southern California are high. More significant to me is the increase in the total US DVR population to 31 million HHs, up from 28 million HHs in July. 3 million households added in 3 months is definitely an acceleration of the pace of growth in DVR adoption. It will be interesting to see if it continues.

I haven't seen an original copy of the Nielsen DVR report, but will look for it. In the meantime here are some tidbits of data from the MediaDailyNews article.


Market DVR penetration DVR homes
San Diego 38% 402,000
Austin 37% 250,000
Dallas 37% 927,000
Orlando 37%  
Los Angeles 36%  2,052,000
New York 30%  
Philadelphia 23% 688,000
Waco, TX >28% 102,000
Fort Smith, AR 31%  
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