'Life' Not on Death Row; 'Lost' Premiere Set

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November 7th, 2008

Ok. Ok. I got an (actually very nice) e-mail that expressed surprise that there was no info about NBC's Life being picked up for the full season. Also, LOST has been scheduled for Wednesdays at 9pm starting in January. We predict there will be many other announcements about ABC's schedule in the near future.

This site is a ratings site. We know there is a *lot* more interest in TV shows and TV show scheduling and development than the ratings, and so we often will include such information. But we're just two guys, and Bill has a family and the last couple of days I've been cheating on you with Tiger Woods '09 on the PS3 (I hadn't turned the thing on since August '07 when I started working on TVbytheNumbers). A lot of interesting content winds up in the comments on posts, but we realize most of our readers never see them.

Sometimes it's fun to do the blog thing and go chasing traffic, but the fact is there are many other web sites with very talented people who are paid to bring you the latest and greatest news about what's going on. It's not our goal to be an up-to-the-second site for things not ratings related and for that type of info other sites do a much better job than we could ever hope to do.

While it's sometimes very easy to fall into the trap of being a "me too" web site and chase the memes that everyone else is chasing, it's not our goal. This site was first conceived out of the idea that there was no really great repository of publicly available ratings info on the Internet.

There are several sites that produce overnight ratings data as well. Where we tried to be unique there was in the presentation of the data so that it was easier to read. Some sites are doing that now too, but I still think our stuff is the easiest to read. Plus it has the added benefit of allowing you to skip completely over any prose and get right to the numbers, and usually except on the weekends we include the 18-34 data. I'm sure others will start doing that too.

We also try to offer our own unique brand of insight around the numbers and tools for figuring out which shows will be renewed or cancelled based on ratings data. Thank goodness NBC sucks so badly that I don't have to worry about any of the shows I'm watching on it being cancelled before the season ends. I'm very happy Life was picked up for the full year, but given that it's NBC, I can't even be that surprised if Lipstick Jungle gets a full pick up at this point (I'm not suggesting that I think that will happen, only that I won't be shocked if it does).

We'll definitely be interested in seeing how Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse perform on Fridays. I'd give it a 100% chance that Dollhouse will get some better promotion - I'm not sure it will be ready in time to air an episode after the NFC championship playoff game, so I'd look for it to air once after American Idol, even though nothing of the sort has been announced so far.

We'll follow the ratings closely and do our best to make whatever ratings info we can available. But if your goal is to get the latest skinny on shows and show development I recommend the following sites:

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