Did CBS Execs Just Wince? Kansas City Goes for 2 Point Conversion instead of Overtime

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November 9th, 2008

Wow.  I can't say I blame Herm Edwards for going for a victory with 23 seconds left instead of kicking the extra point that would've led to near certain overtime. And it certainly made for good theater even though they didn't convert and lost the game.   I'm not sure an overtime battle between the Chiefs and Chargers would've been huge in the ratings, but any NFL is probably better than no football at all when it comes to Nielsen ratings.

A good Sunday of football coverage available even without needing a sports bar with the DirecTV Sunday Ticket package.  I saw Packers/Vikings and Colts/Steelers which were both fun games to watch.  As a Redskins fan I hate to say this, but former Dallas Cowboy QB Troy Aikman is the best NFL commentator around.  Late in the game when the Vikings challenged a touchdown call Aikman nailed that it was probably a bad challenge, even if they would've won it because if it was instead first and ten from the one foot line they would likely score anyway, only eating more time off the clock, and if they lost the challenge (which they did) it would eat up a time out.

Then, as the Packers were driving to get in field position, Joe Buck starts talking about how they were probably in Packer kicker Mason Crosby's range already.  Buck talked about how he was nailing 60 yard attempts before the game and they even showed footage.  Aikman's response (paraphrase) was "Yeah, but  that's kinda like hitting it good on the driving range and then needing to go out and do it on the 18th hole."

Moments later Crosby attempted a 52 yarder that would have won the game for the Packers that went ever so slightly wide right.

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