Nielsen Out-Of-Home Goes Out-Of-Business

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November 10th, 2008

I bring this to our readers attention because our comments occasionally include folks who believe "if only the viewers in bars/airports/houses of ill repute/etc. were counted, this show would have a squinty-jillion more viewers!". It seems that while that may or may not be the case, not enough people are willing to pay Nielsen to do the counting.

MediaDailyNews reports:

Nielsen Co. and IMMI Friday shut down their recently launched out-of-home TV viewing measurement service. The service, which was launched with much fanfare earlier this year, was created to fill a long-standing void in the TV marketplace for accurate measurement of viewing that takes place outside of Nielsen's traditional in-home TV measurement panels. Despite demand from some high-profile networks, especially sports-oriented programmers like ESPN and Turner Sports, and a commitment from Publicis' Zenith Media unit to use the new service, Nielsen and IMMI said they were suspending the service due to economic concerns.

Like many announcements recently, this leans heavily on "the current economic situation made us do this", so it's really not clear what happened here, particularly since, as the article mentions, Nielsen has other out-of-home counting initiatives underway. I am waiting for the cry of "Beer drinkers must be counted!" to ring from the barstools.

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