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November 13th, 2008

from an ESPN press release... I wouldn't normally post anything about this, but his even handed approach to the relative nature of the number of viewers in the video link below was quite amusing. Ignore the release if you want, but watch the video!

*** Note: see a taped message from Kenny Mayne about the successful debut of "Mayne Street" here:

Kenny Mayne Is Popular: 2.5 Million Views of First Episode of's "Mayne Street" in 48 Hours

In its first 48 hours "Mayne Street" - the new scripted online series from starring Kenny Mayne - was viewed nearly 2.5 million times, making it the site's most viewed single video in the past six months.

Additionally, the first episode was the most viewed ESPN video on iPhones, and the additional "Mayne Street" clips, promos and outtakes on accounted for nearly one million additional video views.

"The great start for Mayne Street illustrates the huge opportunity that exists for creative content at ESPN, not just on TV but on any platform," said Keith Clinkscales, senior vice president, content development and enterprises, ESPN. "Whether it's online, on a phone, in a magazine, on TV or on any combination, creative and original content is at the heart of how we serve fans."

Mayne Street launched on on Tuesday, and will debut its second episode Friday, at 9 a.m. ET. Watch episode 1 of "Mayne Street" here:

"Mayne Street" joins a lineup of video that is among the most popular online. averages more than 120 million video views per month. In the past year, the site logged more than 50 percent of the total minutes spent by users for the entire sports online video category, more than four times the nearest competitor.

"Mayne Street" stars ESPN personality Kenny Mayne and a cast of characters in special guest appearances. Mayne plays himself in a fictionalized version of life at the center of sports television.

The ESPN veteran known for his dry wit and offbeat sensibilities, maneuvers through each of the 15 three- to five-minute webisodes in the kind of clever and entertaining style that has made him one of ESPN's most popular personalities. Mayne's re-occurring foils consist largely of his fictional production crew which includes his producer, Sarah (Alison Becker); cameraman, Video Cowboy (Jon Glaser); production assistant, Jordan (Jordan Carlos); network executive, Mintz (Ben Schwartz); Mintz's right hand, Robin (Aubrey Plaza); as well as other ESPN personalities including Scott Van Pelt, Neil Everett and others.

The show's executive producers are Josh Shelov and Todd Pellegrino via Pellegrino's production company P3 Entertainment.

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