Early Ratings Tidbits for Thursday: ER Soars with Anthony Edwards Return

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November 14th, 2008

The biggest surprise to me from last night if the early metered market numbers are any indication is how "well" 30 Rock held up. Last week, an Oprah fueled sweeps Thursday pulled a 5.1/8 household rating/share in the early metered markets and last night, without Oprah, and with Sarah Palin fading into our rear view mirrors, 30 Rock got a 4.7/7, and will likely fare very well in the demos. NBC has professed love and patience for Kath & Kim, but how much love and patience can be tolerated at a 3.4/5.

Kath & Kim needs a guest appearance from Sarah Palin pronto because My Name is Earl had a 4.3/7. Maybe they ought to flip-flop Kath & Kim and Early if they are going to keep both because Kath & Kim isn't likely helping The Office (4.8/7) any. Though with so many people DVRing The Office, perhaps it just doesn't matter.

I'm sure we'll see some Sarah Palin in primetime by March sweeps, but whether Kath & Kim will still be on the air then (yeah, I know NBC gave it a full order, but...3.4/5!) is another story. I'd like to see her show up on Lost to torment Benjamin Linus. Kidding! Kind of...

I fell asleep early last night and did not yet watch Supernatural, Life on Mars, The Office or 30 Rock yet, so if there is a whiff of spoilers in the comments today, I will be ignoring them. Speaking of Life on Mars, it was down a bit from last week's 5.8/10. Last night it got a 5.5/9. Whether that's due to an uptick with an Anthony Edwards return sweeps edition of ER that scored a 7.2/12, is hard to say. What isn't hard to say is that the guest appearances certainly helped ER which had a 6.0/10 last week. I expect the "one more year!" talk to continue, even though the plan was for this to be ER's final season.

We'll post the full overnight report hopefully by 9:30am PST. Note: due to football airing in the local markets in New York and Boston last night, there is even greater potential than normal for both the early metered market numbers and the fast nationals to be adjusted in the final numbers.

Full metered market report via Berman.

Metered Market Overnight Ratings: This is normally the first available ratings information, and is based on the electronic measurement service that Nielsen provides in 56 of the nation's largest markets. In each market a sample of homes is selected to represent that individual market. Often, networks or syndicators provide metered market information as an early indicator of a program's performance. In aggregate, the 56 metered markets represent 79,890,610 homes, or 70% of all U.S. TV households. Preliminary metered market data are available as early as 8:00AM (ET). Final metered market information, reflecting line-up changes, pre-emptions and runovers, are normally available by 3:30PM

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