More Likely To Save Knight Rider: The Hoff or The Original Voice of K.I.T.T.?

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November 14th, 2008

One of our frequent commenters "Nick C" has been told that NBC is trying to "save" Knight Rider by some pretty novel means. According to Nick, NBC is in negotiations to bring both "The Hoff" (David Hasselhoff) and the original voice of K.I.T.T. (William Daniels) back to the show. Not just back for a guest cameo, but back on a permanent basis. The show started relatively well for NBC, particularly in the 18-34 male demo, but has drifted lower over time.

While we have no way of independently confirming the reports or whether if true they will actually come to anything, but it does raise the fun question:

Whose Return Is More Likely to "Save" Knight Rider: The Hoff or The Original Voice of K.I.T.T.?

Seidman: Unless we're talking about ratings in Germany, the answer is NEITHER. The only thing that can really save this show is better writing. The Hoff will do more for bit torrent downloads worldwide than he'll do for the ratings. Sure, there may be a brief blip. But because I have to pick a side, I'll go with William Daniels and the original voice of K.I.T.T. as KR's savior. Daniels was outstanding as the voice. I'm not hating on Val Kilmer, since that may be the best part of the current show, but, he's no William Daniels, and if you're going to have an old school show, you need the old school voice. Plus Daniels was on hit shows like ER St. Elsewhere and Boy Meets World (as more than a voice, and realistically, how could I possibly pick against Mr. Feeny?).

The Hoff has some bad side effects here in the U.S. Fans mocked Dallas Mavericks' star Dirk Nowitzki for his love of the Hoff's music in the 2006 NBA playoffs and psychologically, he's seemingly never recovered.

On the other hand, Daniels does not have his own branded web site including games like Hoff Pac Man and Hoff Frogger (you think I'm making this up? You can't make stuff like this up!).

And though I know there will certainly be an A Team comeback on NBC sooner or later, maybe what would really save the show is Mr. T, in both the role of Knight AND the voice of the car.

I pity the fool who doubts Mr. T's ability to save the show!

So yeah, Daniels. I mean neither.

Gorman: Such little faith you have in the power of The Hoff! I love Daniels' voice, but return of David Hasselhoff would definitely have a better chance of saving the show.

He's got multi-generational appeal! He's been on US television since 1975. For many, there can be no other Michael Knight.

He's got international appeal! He was the star of, and now the very wealthy syndicator of Baywatch, the most watched TV show in the world.

He's a comeback story! He's had life struggles, put on a little weight, had a bit of Nip/Tuck done. He's the John Daly of television (although much richer, poor John).

He's a freak show! For everyone fan that tunes in, you might get as many viewers to watch the spectacle of his return to broadcast network prime-time.

It's The Hoff or Bust!

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