Update: 'Lipstick Jungle' cancelled? Yes? No? I don't know...

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November 17th, 2008

Update: I don't buy it, but as of January 27, 2009 -- keep hope alive!

Our most recent update is that the show has been cancelled.

Update: the New York Times chimes in that reports of demise look premature:

Ben Silverman, the co-chairman of NBC Entertainment, said Monday that NBC will now definitely finish the 13 episodes that the network originally ordered — it has 4 more episodes to run — and may order more if the show “grows more.”

The series has always been among the best-rated among high-income households, which NBC likes.

we'd heard rumors last week that the reports of the demise of NBC's Lipstick Jungle were premature, but we figured that was just a bit of gamesmanship until the show wrapped it's 13th and presumably final episode. But now, there may be some fence sitting. James Hibberd has some details:

Yet NBC's stance on the show has indeed moved back on the fence. As demonstrated here, the outcry over "Enemy" being canceled was nearly nonexistent while the outcry over "Lipstick" was impressively vehement (fans are mailing tubes of lipstick to the network). Sources say "Lipstick" backers are doing a full court press -- public and private -- pushing NBC to order more episodes. So Shields' comment is less a reflection of reality then part of an effort to make a reality.

Few of NBC's shows have received this kind of outpouring of positive fan reaction. Does it really want to cancel an underperforming show that's getting such a passionate response?

Another key factor is Friday's episode. It went up 17% in the adult demo from the week before. And last week's episode went up 20%.

Those are big gains ... but they're big gains from small numbers.

Get the full skinny on thrfeed.com, there's also some discussion of NBC only currently having one more airing of LJ on the schedule insead of the five that would be remaining.

My bet is it's cancelled, sorry Brooke.

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