Ben Silverman on Charlie Rose

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November 18th, 2008

He didn't say "ratings are obsolete" or "our viewers don't watch TV".

I have to give Silverman credit for fully admitting the good fortune of the Sarah Palin/Fey timing.  Rose asked if shows will ever have the impact that they have had in the past.  Silverman said he thought about it in terms of "Will you ever have that same next day water cooler conversation?" due to DVR, Internet, etc.  Which I think is a reasonable way to think about it.

At least in this interview, I thought he came off extremely well-reasoned and as much as we have bashed him, I pretty much agreed with him down the line.

Unfortunately Charlie Rose didn't ask him "Why are Heroes ratings down so much?"  so he was able to truthfully say the total ratings (live+7) are better than live and kind of gloss over it.  He said he was most proud of what's happened with 30 Rock, and I can't say I blame him.  Charlie didn't ask him what he was most ashamed of, damn the luck.

He didn't really say anything that could be knocked down, and It's obvious Silverman loves what he does.   The interview runs about 20 minutes, and unfortunately I can't embed it, but give it a look.

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