Update-Early Ratings Tidbits: A lot like last Monday for Chuck, Heroes and TSCC

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November 18th, 2008

Update: It will take me a bit to get the overnight posted, but the data is in, and Chuck was up in the 18-49 demo, rising to a 2.6/7 (last week 2.3/6 in the overnights). TSCC was not so fortunate with a 2.0/5 -- flat, week over week, and Heroes had a 3.6/9 also flat over last week.

I'll get the post up with all the shows and the 18-34 info too, as soon as I can...

Not much to say about the early metered market ratings for Monday. The only shows that fans seem to be mulling over (ok, maybe worried over) are Chuck, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes or it could just be me since I actually watch all three shows. I enjoyed Chuck and Terminator, and Heroes wasn't awful, but in the end my relationship with Heroes is dysfunctional. I know I should break up with Heroes, it doesn't make me as happy as it used to, but I keep sticking around, and sticking around waiting for the magic to come back. It's not healthy.

How things went for the three shows mentioned above was almost exactly the same as last week. Chuck's metered market numbers were identical to last week. TSCC's were down a bit from a 3.5/5 (household rating/share) to a 3.2/5. I know they didn't blow anything up, which probably won't make some fans happy, but I thought last night's episode was very well done.

Heroes was down just down just a smidge (from a 4.9/7 to a 4.8/7), but it's the 18-49 and 18-34 year old demo performance that's critical there. It looks like the bleeding of viewers stopped, but NBC promoted the hell out of Heroes over the weekend (at least during Sunday Night Football) and if the numbers hold up, it looks like the viewers who have bolted did not come back.

Since in the end these numbers are almost always changed even by the time the fast nationals arrive with viewer and demographic information, they can only be used as sort of a finger in the air proxy of how things went. We'll know more in an hour or so and I'll post the data for all shows (not just the three mentioned above) complete with demographic data. Check back, hopefully the numbers will be up around 9:30a, PST.

Metered Market Overnight Ratings: This is normally the first available ratings information, and is based on the electronic measurement service that Nielsen provides in 56 of the nation's largest markets. In each market a sample of homes is selected to represent that individual market. Often, networks or syndicators provide metered market information as an early indicator of a program's performance. In aggregate, the 56 metered markets represent 79,890,610 homes, or 70% of all U.S. TV households. Preliminary metered market data are available as early as 8:00AM (ET). Final metered market information, reflecting line-up changes, pre-emptions and runovers, are normally available by 3:30PM

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