Syndicated 'Legend of the Seeker' Outperforms Almost Every CW Show

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November 19th, 2008

Update: Sorry LoTS fans, it looks like I cheated you out of the 5.88 million the two hour premiere really got during the week ending November 2 -- and that certainly beat everything on the CW.   Nielsen labeled the show weirdly (it didn't label the show, by, you know, it's name!) in the spreadsheet, so I deferred to others in the media who had made the same mistake I was making anyway.  Still, even the third episode beat almost everything on the CW.

Bill is not always inspired to be as curious about certain numbers and shows as I am, but I'm not always inspired to actually look at ALL the numbers to see if there's anything worth actually being curious about either. Shame on us!

Thank goodness we have commenters like Chris S, who chimed in with a comment on the weekly syndication rankings and inspired me to be curious:

Funny how syndication is nearly a dead medium for first run scripted programming yet Legend of the Seeker managed to outperform everything on the CW (except for Smallville) in the Live+SD for the week. Hopefully it can maintain near this number week to week.

Legend of the Seeker is the first, first-run scripted series in syndication since we started this blog, and since 2002's She Spies. The third episode of LoTS averaged 4.31 million when it aired Saturday and Sunday 11/8 & 11/9. The number is the cumulative average of the premiere airing, regardless of when and where it aired across the country.   The premiere on 11/2 & 11/2 averaged 5.88 million.

Chris is absolutely right, that # eclipses everything on the CW for the week of November 3-9 other than Smallville. But then again, those numbers are better than recent performance of even SciFi's Battlestar Galactica too, so we're not picking on Gossip Girl.

Can LOTS keep it up? That is the question. Please note: some people seem to think LOTS is a CW show because it airs on the CW affiliate in their local markets. It's not a CW show, it's syndicated by Disney/ABC and in many markets does not air on the CW.

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