TV Viewing still on the rise according to Nielsen

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November 24th, 2008

Nielsen recently released its "Three Screen Report" covering television, Internet and mobile phone usage and by an overwhelming volume in the third quarter of 2008, watching TV eclipsed Internet usage and mobile phone usage, and TV viewing was at an all-time high.

Household monthly time spent watching TV was over 142 hours, watching time-shifted television accounted for over six hours, up 34.5% versus last year. Internet time accounted for a "mere" twenty-seven hours plus, but this was up 42% versus the prior year (and according to Nielsen, this includes both work and home use -- I guess a lot of people aren't slaves to the Internet at their jobs -- I just don't know any of these people).

Nielsen is also now tracking time spent watching video on the Internet -- and pegged it at just over two and a half hours a month.

Surprisingly to me, it pegs mobile video viewing at three hours and thirty seven minutes a month. I didn't dig deep into what's being measured, but I think the reason that the number for mobile video viewing is higher than Internet video viewing is because video is measured across everyone, and the mobile video viewing is only measured among mobile subscribers who watch mobile video.

TV viewing is up five hours a month versus last year, and the percentage of homes with DVRs has now grown to 27% and is rising.

You can download (PDF) the full report summary.

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