NFL Helps CBS Wins Viewers, 18-49, 25-54; Fox Takes 18-34 in Week 17

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Assisted by the AFC Championship game on Sunday night, CBS mostly held off American Idol fueled Fox and had the largest audience, and the most adults 18-49 and 25-54 for the 17th week of the 2008-9 season (January 12-18). Fox had the most adults 18-34 for the week. 

CBS’s average viewership of 17.04 million beat Fox by over 4 million viewers, and ABC and NBC were distant 3rd and 4th places. For demo adults 18-49 it was CBS just  over Fox by 6.62 million to 6.31 million. CBS also won demo adults 25-54 over Fox by 7.75 million to 6.65 million viewers, again with NBC and ABC trailing badly. In adults 18-34, Fox lead with 2.87 million to 2.45 million for CBS..

Tiny Network Smackdown Update! CW’s original shows are back and with them it was able to easily sweep the week from MyNetworkTV across all measures we track, but the viewership gap was not large.

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