Super Bowl technical production By the Numbers

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no ratings numbers here, but I still thought this was pretty cool. Via NBC press release:

NBC’s Super Bowl XLIII Technical By The Numbers

  • 450 More than 450 people will be part of the NBC production, technical, administrative and support crews
  • 93 Microphones (including 12 on-field parabolic microphones)
  • 52 High Definition Cameras (2 SD Cameras for Game Clock and Play Clock)
  • 50 Miles of Camera and Microphone cable
  • 45 Vehicles (control trucks, mobile units, office trailers, Horse Trailer)
  • 24 Digital Video Replay Sources
  • 22 Hard Cameras (including 2 Super Slo-Mo’s and three “X-Mo’s)
  • 20 Hand-held Cameras (including two SteadyCams)
  • 10 NEP Supershooter Trailers in the TV Compound
  • 8 Digital Post-Production Facility (5 Avid Suites, 3 Final Cut Pro Suites)
  • 5 Robotic Cameras (including two fixed on the Field Goal posts)
  • 2 RF Hand-held cameras
  • 1 “Cable-Cam” camera suspended above the playing field
  • 1 Hard Camera for scenic views of Tampa Bay
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