CW’s Dawn Ostroff Doubles Down on Women 18-34

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March 1st, 2009

While I we, and many of our more knowledgeable commenters, think the wheels are coming off the CW's strategy to focus solely on women 18-34, CW chief Dawn Ostroff isn't backing down (at least in public PR land).

via Can CW’s Ostroff Extend the Streak? TV Week  (emphasis mine)

TelevisionWeek: So why do a “Melrose Place” spinoff?

Ms. Ostroff: It’s a given that it’s going to appeal to 18-34 women. Because we’re not going to buy anything that’s not going to have that appeal. [...]

TVWeek: You say you’re making process breaking through as a brand for young women. What sort of evidence do you have for that, besides ratings?

Ms. Ostroff: We just recently got the Cassandra Report. They do this report every year. (It’s) used by most people in the network business and cable business … (and) over 100 advertiser clients. They go out to 1,000 people, and they ask a bunch of unaided questions, which means it’s not multiple-choice questions, you have to just give them top-of-mind. And when they asked women who are 14 to 34 what their favorite network was, CW was one of the top three. Which is amazing, considering we’ve only been on the air for 2 1/2 years. And then, in the top five shows consistently, they ask what your favorite show is, but they break the people who participate down to two different groups—trendsetters and traditional viewers. And with both traditional viewers and trendsetters, both “Gossip Girl” and “90210” popped up everywhere.

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