Breaking Bad premieres higher

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The second season premiere of AMC’s Breaking Bad averaged 1.7 million viewers Sunday.  Like a bonehead,  I neglected to ask what the season one premiere garnered, my bad — but I will follow up and see if I can find anything out.  If so I will update this post comparing the two premieres directly.

Other info directly via AMC:

– Breaking Bad’s premiere episode, last night at 10PM, secured a 1.2 HH rating and 1.7 million total viewers

– Over 40% increase over Season 1 average viewers (41.6%). (Breaking Bad Season 2 10pm premiere total viewers =1.7 Million vs. Season 1 average total viewers at 1.2 million)

– Regarding demos: Males 18-49 increased 50% when comparing BB season two premiere (613,000) verses the first seasons average (410,000)

– Adults 18-49 increased 36% when comparing BB season two premiere (929,000) verses the first season’s average (682,000)

– The demo growth supports how AMC originals, by design, are delivering very different audiences.

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