Nickelodeon Rebrands Channels

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For those keeping score at home, you’ll need to be making some channel name changes on your scorecard. These make a lot of sense to me, I was never really sure which Nickelodeon channel was which (although my six year old was, which I guess is the point).

For the most recent week, on a Total Day average viewership basis, Nickelodeon was #1, Nick at Nite was #3, Noggin was #25, Nicktoons was #51.

MTV Networks division announced that all of its channels, broadband included, will be rebranded so as to be more easily associated with the Nickelodeon name, with preschool-focused Noggin renamed Nick Jr. and teen-targeting the N becoming TeeNick. (The animation-themed Nicktoons will keep its moniker.)

via Variety.

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