Variety sings the praises of Ghost Whisperer

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Every now and then I’ll get an e-mail that basically says: WTF!?  How come the Internet seems so obsessed with Dollhouse and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles  when so many more people watch Ghost Whisperer!? Where’s the love!?

Here’s some love via Variety:

But as “Whisperer” nears the end of its fourth season, the show continues to defy gravity. Total viewership is up 28% from last season, to an average of 11 million viewers per week, and the show has won its 8 p.m. hour every week this season. More impressively, the skein has hit series highs this season in the most elusive demos for CBS, adults 18-34 (up 20%), women 18-34 (up 26%) and women 18-49 (up 27%).

And it will likely enjoy another bounce next season when repeats of “Whisperer” begin running on Sci Fi Channel.

So what gives? How did this show about a woman who communicates with the dead succeed in busting so many conventions? A lot of it can be chalked up to the iron will and marketing savvy of its stewards, exec producers Ian Sander and Kim Moses.

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