Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse again lead 18-49 %increase with 7 day DVR viewing

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Bill will post the regular top twenty most-DVR’d shows, and the top twenty shows with the highest percentage of viewing on DVR.  This list focuses only on increase to the live plus same day DVR viewing adults 18-49 rating when a full week of DVR viewing is added.

Again, I don’t think these percentage increases matter much any, and that the absolute gains are likely more interesting. I might switch to posting that info instead, or stop posting this information altogether.  Note that House had more absolute gain (over 1 full ratings point) than any show on this list, but ranked only 15th in percentage increase.

For the week ending March 15, 2009, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Dollhouse led the pack in terms of percentage increase to Live+SD 18-49 rating.  CW’s Supernatural was third measured this way, followed by Heroes and The Office.

Life, a fan favorite that will surely be canceled due to low numbers ranked seventh in this list, and Chuck, a show with ratings that put it  on the bubble between renewal and cancellation ranked 11th.  The already canceled Life on Mars ranked tenth on this list, which just goes to show ranking high on this list doesn’t mean anything in terms of renewal.  But we know people are interested in different slices of data, so I’m posting them anyway!

This week I’ve expanded things to include the top twenty shows by this slice, and also included total DVR viewing for those shows (the difference between Live+7 viewing and Live viewing. I’ve only listed the total number.  We regularly report Live+SD viewing which already includes same day DVR viewing.  You can’t add the total DVR viewers listed here to previously reported Live+SD numbers because those numbers already include some DVR viewing and there would be some double counting.

Both Castle and Kings premiered in this week, but were not among the top 20 shows based on percentage increase to the adults 18-49 rating.  By that slice, Castle‘s premiere ranked 35th and the premiere of Kings ranked 39th.

Again, Bill will post the lists for the shows with the most absolute DVR viewing and highest percentage of viewing on DVR.  But here are the highest % increases to the live+SD adults 18-49 ratings due to a week’s worth of DVR viewing for the week ending March 15, 2009:

Rank Show Net DVR Viewing (000) Live+SD 18-49 rtg Live+7 18-49 rating 18-49 %increase vs Live+SD
1 TERMINATOR: SRH CNR CHRON FOX 1,413 1.20 1.68 40.00%
2 DOLLHOUSE FOX 1,524 1.60 2.14 33.75%
3 SUPERNATURAL CW 888 1.12 1.48 32.14%
4 HEROES NBC 3,161 3.21 4.21 31.15%
5 OFFICE NBC 3,729 4.13 5.20 25.91%
6 GREY’S ANATOMY-THU 9PM ABC 4,255 5.04 6.34 25.79%
7 LIFE NBC 1,609 1.72 2.15 25.00%
8 REAPER CW 664 0.85 1.06 24.71%
9 PRIVATE PRACTICE ABC 2,206 3.37 4.19 24.33%
10 LIFE ON MARS ABC 1,303 1.43 1.77 23.78%
11 CHUCK NBC 1,921 2.10 2.59 23.33%
12 BONES FOX 2,548 2.82 3.46 22.70%
13 30 ROCK NBC 2,332 3.29 4.00 21.58%
14 NUMB3RS CBS 1,484 1.86 2.26 21.51%
15 HOUSE FOX 4,112 4.84 5.88 21.49%
16 FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS NBC 1,086 1.36 1.65 21.32%
17 APPRENTICE 8 NBC 1,597 2.82 3.35 18.79%
18 SMALLVILLE CW 1,025 1.58 1.87 18.35%
19 24 FOX 3,343 3.61 4.27 18.28%
20 MEDIUM NBC 1,957 2.47 2.92 18.22%
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