To the despair of Chuck fans, B&C wonders if NBC’s Southland could be a hit

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And again, with the disclaimer that I do not think Chuck‘s fate is directly tied to the fate of Southland, I know that many Chuck fans do not share my view.  Here’s Broadcasting & Cable’s 90 second review.

BC Review: Southland from Broadcasting & Cable on Vimeo.

If that left a bad taste in the mouths of Chuck fans, here’s a little something that might help offset it:

The Unusuals is light, Southland is dark. And where The Unusuals is ultimately unsuccessful in its attempts to entertain, Southland is unbearable — a pretentious, foul-mouthed, overly arty chore that will leave you with a headache should you linger too long.

I suspect there will be more interest in the Thursday night ratings on Friday morning than there has been in a while…

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