Jay Leno to air on WHDH in Boston after all

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In a completely unsurprising development, Boston’s local NBC affiliate WHDH has announced it will air Jay Leno in prime-time after all.  From Variety:

The show will go on for Jay Leno in Boston.

NBC and Boston affil WHDH have resolved their dispute – and the Sunbeam Television-owned station confirmed Monday morning that it will air Leno’s new primetime program after all.

“Upon further consideration, we have decided to telecast Jay Leno at 10:00 p.m. starting in September,” WHDH owner Ed Ansin said. “Jay is from Andover where I went to school.  I enjoy his humor.  We hope the new show is a big success.”

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It looks like a dog with its tail between its legs to me…

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