In Plain Sight and Law & Order: CI return well, but WWE and SpongeBob win week

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hi folks, due to the site outage I am unfortunately really pressed for time.  I will update this with some additional data later in the day or early Wednesday but I wanted to at least get the top 20 up…

We also have weekly rankings of the top advertising supported cable networks.

Top twenty cable network television shows for the week ending April 19, 2009:

Rank Shows NET DAY Time Viewers Live+SD (000)
1 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 09:00P-10:00P 5,981
2 SPONGEBOB NICK Fri 08:00P-08:30P 5,784
3 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 10:00P-11:06P 5,666
4 SPONGEBOB NICK Sat 09:30A-10:00A 5,204
5 IN PLAIN SIGHT USA Sun 10:00P-11:00P 5,113
7 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 09:30A-10:00A 4,890
8 SPONGEBOB NICK Fri 08:30P-09:00P 4,879
9 HANNAH MONTANA DSNY Sun 07:30P-08:00P 4,815
10 PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR NICK Sun 10:00A-10:30A 4,804
11 WWE ENTERTAINMENT USA Mon 08:00P-09:00P 4,722
12 LAW & ORDER: CI (ORIG) USA Sun 09:00P-10:00P 4,578
13 NCIS USA Mon 07:00P-08:00P 4,542
14 SPONGEBOB NICK Sun 09:00A-09:30A 4,493
15 SPONGEBOB NICK Fri 09:00P-09:30P 4,277
16 DEADLIEST CATCH DISC Tue 09:00P-10:01P 4,158
17 SPONGEBOB NICK Fri 07:30P-08:00P 4,079
18 BACK AT THE BARNYARD NICK Sun 10:30A-11:00A 4,041
19 THE OREILLY FACTOR FOXN Wed 08:00P-09:00P 3,980
20 NCIS USA Thu 07:00P-08:00P 3,974

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