Might ABC Keep Scrubs Another Year?

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The creator of Scrubs said this was the show’s last season, and then retracted it. The ratings for this season have been terrible.

Is ABC actually considering bringing it back? This smacks of either wishful thinking on the part of producers or extreme desperation on the part of ABC. You make the call. Update: Or perhaps Scrubs is on its way to becoming the next According to Jim-esque ratings dead zombie show?

ABC is in talks to renew the veteran comedy “Scrubs” for a ninth season with some or all of the original cast members coming back full or part-time.

The network is going over the proposed budget for next season with series producer ABC Studios.

“Scrubs” creator Bill Lawrence, busy editing his ABC/ABC Studios comedy pilot “Cougar Town,” is said to be deeply involved in the renewal talks as well as in the discussions with the cast, who don’t have deals beyond the show’s current eighth season.

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