DVRs Now In 30.6% Of US Households

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As of March 2009, 30.6 percent of households in Nielsen’s National People Meter Panel have a DVR, up significantly from just 12.3 percent in January 2007.

A key factor to this expansion is the integration of DVRs into cable and DBS set top boxes: 55 percent of DVR homes had it as part of their cable box and 40 percent had a DVR within their DBS box.  Just 5 percent had a standalone DVR.  And as households recognize the convenience DVR offers, a growing number are becoming multi-DVR households.  25 percent of homes had two, while 5 percent had three or more.

Of Nielsen’s 56 Metered Markets, the top ten for DVR penetration are:

Rank Market % Penetration
1 San Diego 37.7%
2 Austin 37.4%
3 Dallas-Ft. Worth 37.2%
4 Orlando-Daytona Bch-Melbrn 36.8%
5 Los Angeles 36.2%
6 Sacramento-Stktn-Modesto 35.2%
7 San Francisco-Oak-San Jose 34.1%
8 San Antonio 34.0%
9 Raleigh-Durham 34.0%
10 Tampa-St. Pete 33.5%
Source: The Nielsen Company


You can download the entire report here.

via Nielsen Wire.

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