3.1% of U.S. Homes Still Not Ready for DTV Switchover, So What?

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The number of U.S. homes that would lose all broadcasting if the planned analog-to-digital broadcast switchover took place today fell to about 3.5 million, or 3.1% of U.S. households, as many Hispanic families made the necessary adjustments to continue to receive programming, Nielsen said in a statement today.

via – TVWeek 

Remember when 1/3 of the nation’s TV stations (covering 10-15% of the population) switched to digital broadcast in February (when about  6% of households were said to be unready) and there were TV riots in the streets? When the nation feared for its very TV life?

You mean that didn’t happen? That in the biggest metropolitan area that made the switch (San Diego, 1 million+ TV HHs) there were just a few dozen calls to the help line? Thank goodness we can all rest easy that the disaster was averted.

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